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  • Only the electi are required to follow the laws strictly, while the auditores care for them, hoping to become electi in their turn after reincarnation.
  • Not to mention the mistake he made in his Proemio, when he said "Lectissimi et doctissimi auditores." Cited from Comedies, by Ludvig Holberg
  • Hitherto most of this work had been done by the /auditores/ or the /penitentiarii/ according as it belonged to the external or internal forum, or else in consistories of the cardinals. Cited from History of the Catholic Church, V 1, J. MacCaffrey
  • This work, at first entrusted to the papal chaplains, was afterwards divided between the penitentiarii and the auditores, according as questions of the internal or the external forum (i.e., jurisdiction) were to be considered.
  • Common Manicheans called Auditores (Hearers) obeyed looser rules of nonviolence.