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  • The Auditors existed long before humans and would be quite happy to exist long after them.
  • Since then, State Auditors have been elected to four-year terms.
  • The province made the move just hours after a report by an independent auditor made the recommendation.
  • And the appointment shall be made by my said president and auditors. Cited from The Philippine Islands, 1493-1803, V5, 1582-83, ed. by Blair/Robertson
  • And it was what her auditors liked best of all to hear. Cited from Sunny Slopes, by Ethel Hueston
  • He now has one week to repay the money before the firm's auditors make their visit.
  • Auditors often practice their auditing with each other, as well as friends or family.
  • These auditors are appointed by the Emperor and speak with his Voice.
  • His powerful voice is said to have reached and moved thousands of auditors assembled in the open air. Cited from The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volume V., by Various
  • My auditors heard my stories, and then walked away without leaving me any reward for my pains. Cited from The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan, by James Morier
  • A night auditor is a person who works at night at the reception of a hotel.
  • Other appointed positions include the city clerk, city attorney, city auditor, and city court judge.
  • He cut his words short, or rather he seemed to hammer them down into the consciousness of his auditors. Cited from The Debtor, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • The province's auditor general was subsequently called in to investigate the matter.
  • The pre-Clear's job is to look at the mind and talk to the auditor.
  • The commission said responsibility lay largely with auditors and did not single out individuals for blame.
  • The auditor should ask certain questions to better understand the network and its vulnerabilities.
  • It also appointed district auditors and supplied such statistics as might be required by parliament.
  • The mission statement can also help an auditor obtain a better understanding of the organization's environment.
  • Such were the souls among which both John and Jesus found their auditors. Cited from The Trial and Death of Jesus Christ, by James Stalker
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Meaning of auditor

  • noun A student who attends a course but does not take it for credit
  • noun A qualified accountant who inspects the accounting records and practices of a business or other organization