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  • He started his career by following his sister along to one of her auditions.
  • The band was formed after they went to auditions being held by their management company.
  • In the final episode of season two auditions were announced for a third season.
  • This gave her the opportunity of being a part of the third season without any auditions.
  • Auditions are held at the end of the second year for the third year company.
  • These auditions were open to both class members and select non-members as well.
  • Auditions are held at the beginning of every Fall term and as necessary.
  • Potential new members attend open auditions to read sides from the previous years' shows.
  • She landed the role after a make-up artist working on the film told her about the auditions.
  • The group was put together through auditions by a management company in New York.
  • Auditions are held three times a year with members rotating out after one year.
  • She attended many auditions, having set her goal of becoming an actress since she was a small girl.
  • Nine companies and shows are created every year, but only six shows make it through auditions to the final performance.
  • Michael is holding auditions for six people to be admitted to his singing class.
  • The remaining members and their management held open auditions for his replacement.
  • Auditions are held every week and can be scheduled by calling the school office.
  • Auditions for these groups occur in February of the previous school year.
  • Auditions for the show were held in the Indian cities shown below.
  • After the auditions, the women returned home and waited a couple of weeks.
  • Students are accepted through a process of competitive auditions for one of the six art areas.
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Root form of auditions is audition for both verb and noun.

Meaning of auditions

  • noun A test of the suitability of a performer
  • verb Perform in order to get a role
    She auditioned for a role on Broadway