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  • He came out to his mother and sister before auditioning for the show.
  • His father took him in for a year and taught him about auditioning.
  • After auditioning, he was called back the following week and received the job.
  • After auditioning, she was called back several more times over the course of three and half weeks.
  • He took the following year off from auditioning to improve on his stage presence.
  • He made his way through acting classes, auditioning and trying to find an agent.
  • If no coach turns his/her chair the auditioning artist's journey ends.
  • The remaining members started recording as well as auditioning for new members.
  • The band spent most of their short history auditioning potential members.
  • If no coach turns his/her chair the auditioning artists journey ends.
  • Nine years of her life were spent acting and auditioning for plays.
  • The band tried writing for other artists and auditioning for a new singer, but nothing worked out.
  • The video's main character is a young girl auditioning for a dance contest.
  • This gave its students an advantage auditioning for their first television jobs.
  • After studied acting he began auditioning for television and film roles.
  • When auditioning for the fourth season, they made a conscious decision to style themselves as a country group.
  • Eight months into law school in Manhattan, he gave up the books and started auditioning.
  • Those auditioning can sing, act, dance, or any other perform any other talent.
  • He only had five minutes before auditioning to read over his part of Merlin.
  • She was chosen to become a part of the girl group Precious after auditioning.
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Root form of auditioning is audition for the verb.

Meaning of auditioning

  • verb Perform in order to get a role
    She auditioned for a role on Broadway