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  • She was also the first and only person who auditioned for the role.
  • She was asked to go to the studio the next day, where she auditioned again.
  • Students are auditioned and range in age from middle school through college.
  • Students at the high school auditioned for the much sought after staff positions.
  • The third time he auditioned, he earned a regular spot on the show.
  • She auditioned and was named director of a program directed towards a female audience.
  • I don't know if he auditioned other people, but it was very quick.
  • After I'd auditioned, they told me to go away and think things through.
  • Page came back and auditioned for the role and was offered the part.
  • After the talk, Smith auditioned for a part, he won and received a different character.
  • New members are simply voice-tested and not auditioned when they join the group.
  • I don't like the idea of people being auditioned to be in a pop band.
  • Ford auditioned for a play under his birth name, but did not get the part.
  • Green flew out a week later and met everyone and auditioned for two weeks.
  • He then auditioned for the band London and was offered the job.
  • In need of a bass, the group auditioned several people without success.
  • It consisted of five members chosen from thousands of people who auditioned for the group.
  • It was only the second time she auditioned for a part.
  • He then auditioned for and subsequently joined the band, making his debut in time for the album's release.
  • He then moved on to Los Angeles where he auditioned for some small roles.
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Root form of auditioned is audition for the verb.

Meaning of auditioned

  • verb Perform in order to get a role
    She auditioned for a role on Broadway