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  • The audition called for her to say her line and walk off the set.
  • Her audition was successful and she played a minor role in the film.
  • This was the first time an audition had ended with no new members.
  • Her first professional audition and job was on a national radio network.
  • She was successful the second time around after being convinced to re-audition under a new name.
  • His first time on the court was during his audition to be the head professional of the club.
  • He failed an audition for the BBC because he kept time with his foot.
  • He received a call back, and return to audition once more.
  • According to Time, she studied acting for ten years before landing her first audition.
  • He asked for her to audition and decided to cast her.
  • Each year over a thousand actors audition for a place in this unique company.
  • If one does pass the audition, their results are valid for one year.
  • CBS ultimately turned down the proposed series after an audition record was made.
  • They will usually visit cities across Canada and pick people who appear to show potential through their audition.
  • The school accepts around half its students from the local area and around half by audition.
  • June is soon offered a place at a Performing Arts school after an audition.
  • Students are accepted into the program through an audition process.
  • When the band returned, they hired him as their drummer without an audition.
  • Students are allowed to audition a total of three times.
  • He offered her the role without having to audition.
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Meaning of audition

  • noun A test of the suitability of a performer
  • verb Perform in order to get a role
    She auditioned for a role on Broadway