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  • I believe we have a report of the auditing committee that should come up. Cited from Northern Nut Growers Association, Tenth Annual Meeting, by Various
  • Yet you have been self-auditing your methods of office operation. Cited from Certain Success, by Norval A. Hawkins
  • The players are selected through a draw conducted by a private auditing firm.
  • Government performance auditing has since spread to most state governments and many closely managed local governments.
  • He later received certificates in systems auditing, risk and information systems control et al.
  • He has extensive knowledge and work experience in auditing, accounting and public financial management.
  • However, the practice of traditional auditing has not kept pace with the real time economy.
  • He is a member of the auditing committee which passes on all claims against the State. Cited from Our Government: Local, State, & National: Idaho Edn., by James & Sanford
  • Auditors often practice their auditing with each other, as well as friends or family.
  • All the votes go to an independent auditing firm who determine the final winner.
  • Auditing systems, track and record what happens over an organization's network.
  • Members also spend five hours a day studying with or auditing a partner.
  • He is also the author of several books on auditing.
  • I have almost finished up this work of auditing and clearing the estate. Cited from Bohemian Days, by Geo. Alfred Townsend
  • She was also an auditing board member of the Civil Service Commission.
  • His last four years with the agency were spent auditing banks and other corporations.
  • I believe that is usually referred to an auditing committee. Cited from Northern Nut Growers Association, Tenth Annual Meeting, by Various
  • Political parties have access to the voting machine's programs before the election for auditing.
  • Financial management and auditing is then based on this plan.
  • The department is responsible for auditing public organisations, which spend public money each year.
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Root form of auditing is audit for the verb.

Meaning of auditing

  • verb Examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification
    audit accounts and tax returns
  • verb Attend academic courses without getting credit