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  • Other key characteristics attributable include their non-commercial and non-professional nature.
  • These may come on gradually and may not be immediately attributable to anything in particular.
  • The decision is then no longer attributable to any single individual who is a member of the group.
  • The new sound was partially attributable to the addition of some new band members.
  • The permanent community and their established farming of today are primarily attributable to these two men.
  • This result is mainly attributable to long term unemployed people being unable to find paid work again.
  • These statistics are greatly attributable to the South's year-round fire season.
  • This credit is often limited to the amount of tax attributable to foreign source income.
  • Modern medicine has shown that his health problems were more attributable to his treatment than to his syphilis.
  • This led to secondary losses attributable to the storm such as production failure.
  • The higher offensive numbers were largely attributable, among other things, to greater frequency of power plays.
  • But this is likely to be attributable to a popular, rather than official, Roman name for the route.
  • Much of his self-destructive behavior during those years are directly attributable to the disease.
  • The difference in name may be attributable to the different languages spoken in the Empire.
  • Numerous candidate genes have been located, with only small effects attributable to any particular gene.
  • Some health issues are associated with this breed however these are mostly attributable to poor breeding.
  • This is likely attributable to the writer not being fully informed of the character's concept.
  • Thus the flow of money flow, its volume and character is attributable entirely to the existence of trust.
  • This work is believed to be attributable to the US Department of Justice.
  • Other studies have found that what has been called the cohabitation effect is entirely attributable to other factors.
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Meaning of attributable

  • adjective Capable of being attributed
    the collapse of the movement was attributable to a lack of morale, an idea attributable to a Russian