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  • Info An attorney is a person who takes the place of another in legal contexts.
  • There is an elected city attorney who is responsible for civil and criminal cases.
  • He also began to read law at an attorney's office.
  • The town's attorney and manager serve at the pleasure of the council.
  • He gives him an attorney's card and tells him to contact him.
  • In his role as attorney general, he is the chief law officer of the Crown.
  • He again tried his hand as an attorney, but shortly afterward entered politics.
  • Non-elected members include the City Attorney, who is appointed by the mayor.
  • He also set up a law practice and became one of the top attorneys in the state.
  • The municipal judge and the city attorney are appointed on the same basis.
  • The city manager, city attorney, and municipal judge are appointed by the council.
  • Defense attorneys said they would appeal if the government sought a new trial.
  • The mayor, city attorney, and municipal judge are elected to four-year terms.
  • Also, attorneys might visit schools and talk to students about the American legal system.
  • In all cases, an attorney can be designated by the head of the bar if necessary.
  • She refused to answer questions about her private life except in writing at her attorney's request.
  • The state attorney's office said she would not be charged.
  • He was notable as an African-American attorney and leader in the civil rights movement.
  • When they came back, they were wearing their normal clothes and had their attorney with him.
  • While working for the US Attorney's office she worked on two particularly prominent cases.
  • The city manager and city attorney are appointed by, and report to the City Council.
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