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  • In 1345 he personally discovered a collection of Cicero's letters not previously known to have existed, the collection ad Atticum.
  • Nay, there is a ground of discourse for this purpose fitter than them both, which is discourse upon letters, such as are wise and weighty, as many are of Cicero ad Atticum, and others. Cited from The Advancement of Learning,Francis Bacon
  • Hoc age, and that hath his bodie apart I likewise love to read the Epistles and ad Atticum, not onely because they containe a most ample instruction of the historic and affaires of his times, but much more because in them I descrie his private humours. Cited from Literary and Philosophical Essays, by Various
  • Their correspondence, often written in subtle code to disguise their political observations, is preserved in Epistulae ad Atticum compiled by Cicero's freedman and personal secretary, Marcus Tullius Tiro.