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  • A good many great men have lived in attics and some have died there. Cited from Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, Jerome K. Jerome2
  • Passing through the attics, the fire destroyed the roof over much of the structure.
  • No one else ever looked out of the other attics. Cited from A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Attics can also help control temperature in a house by providing a large mass of slowly moving air.
  • The house was of three stories high, and contained about twenty rooms with the attics. Cited from Oddsfish!, by Robert Hugh Benson
  • Coming down from the attics again she held one piece of polished chair-back in her hand. Cited from The Happy Foreigner, by Enid Bagnold
  • How many different faces have I already seen pass along the landing-place belonging to our attics! Cited from An "Attic" Philosopher by E. Souvestre, v3
  • The building is two storey with attics and has four large window on each floor.
  • I will forget that we are poor, and forget that we live in attics. Cited from The Palace Beautiful, by L. T. Meade
  • The old things that are left in attics seem somehow different if I'm about. Cited from Everychild, by Louis Dodge
  • We're going to lock up here and try what like it is from the attics. Cited from The Amateur Cracksman, by E.W. Hornung
  • They turned away and with hurried steps walked through those bright attics till they came to the stairs. Cited from The Magician, by Somerset Maugham
  • Then they went to the attics, because Edwin was determined that she should see all. Cited from Clayhanger, by Arnold Bennett
  • The first mass makes the main part of the complex, the additional two are located on the sides, making the attics.
  • He could only remember two other beatings in the attics, and they had both been very bad ones. Cited from Fortitude, by Hugh Walpole
  • She went right upstairs and looked into the attics, but she could not find him anywhere. Cited from The Tale of Samuel Whiskers, by Beatrix Potter
  • And I the whole of my attics and two rooms besides. Cited from The Eleven Comedies: Volume 1, Aristophanes
  • In some areas, residents were forced to seek refuge in their attics as waters rose.
  • When will they make our dusty streets their goal, Within our attics hide their sacred tears? Cited from The Little Book of Modern Verse, Ed. Rittenhouse
  • In some cases, people had to escape to their attics, and then break through the roof as the waters rose even more.
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Root form of attics is attic for the noun.

Meaning of attics

  • noun The dialect of ancient greek spoken and written in attica and athens and ionia
  • noun Informal terms for a human head
  • noun (architecture) a low wall at the top of the entablature; hides the roof