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  • The vocabulary of Lysias is relatively simple and would later be regarded as a model of pure diction for Atticists.
  • The complicated semantics of the word opson and its derivatives made the word a matter of concern for Atticists during the Second Sophistic.
  • The Hellenistic "Atticists" however had impressed their tastes thoroughly on later centuries, celebrating the style of the Athenian golden age.
  • Herodotus uses it; so does Aristot.; so also Polybius; but the Atticists condemn it, except of course in poetry. Cited from Anabasis, by Xenophon, translation by Dakyns
  • This school -- except in so far as Cicero had criticized it for going to extremes -- had not yet been effectively challenged by the rising generation of the chaster Atticists. Cited from Vergil, by Tenney Frank
  • If the Hellenistic and Roman era musicians and musicologists imitated and reproduced the Classical works the same way librarians, grammarians, Atticists did for literature, this would be another argument or point of further discussion.
  • The crusade for purity of speech had been given a new impetus a decade before by the Atticists, and we may here infer that Varius, the quondam friend of Catullus, was considered the guardian of that tradition. Cited from Vergil, by Tenney Frank
  • Cicero attempts to explain why his view of oratorical style reflects true Atticism and is better than that of the Roman Atticists "who would confine the orator to the simplicity and artlessness of the early Attic orators."