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  • The result was a complete upheaval of popular ideals and a broadening of the popular horizon as Atticist tendencies were gradually eroded.
  • In Orator, Cicero also addressed the accusation lodged by his fellow senators, including Brutus, that he was an "Atticist."
  • Many aspects of New Testament word order, such as avoiding the "Atticist" affectation of placing the verb at the penult of the sentence, are simply natural 1st-century Greek style.
  • Information can also be derived from some Atticist scholars of the Hellenistic and Roman periods, who, in order to fight the evolution of the language, published works which compared the supposedly "correct" Attic against the "wrong" Koine by citing examples.
  • The second point seems to be that Cimber, though a teacher of rhetoric, was so ignorant of Greek, that while proclaiming himself an Atticist, he used non-Attic forms and vaunted Thucydides instead of Lysias as the model of the simple style. Cited from Vergil, by Tenney Frank
  • Another work of Phrynichus, not mentioned by Photius, but perhaps identical with the Atticist mentioned by Suidas, the Selection of Attic Words and Phrases, is extant.
  • Aelius Moeris (probably flourished in the 2nd century A.D.) was a Greek grammarian, surnamed Atticista (the Atticist).

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