attic room

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  • By taking the attic room she reduced her board to five dollars a week. Cited from What Can She Do?, by Edward Payson Roe
  • Some way she couldn't keep her thoughts from that little back attic room. Cited from The Potato Child & Others,Mrs. Charles J. Woodbury
  • I will therefore return to the attic-room and the letter. Cited from The Big Otter, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • She made up her mind that she would demand the sole right to this big attic room. Cited from Her Father's Daughter, by Gene Stratton-Porter
  • There were four girls living up there in one attic-room. Cited from Little Journeys To the Homes of Famous Women, by Elbert Hubbard
  • However it is possible that one attic room or a pair of small rooms could have been created.
  • She was glad, now, that she had put the child in the attic room. Cited from Pollyanna, by Eleanor H. Porter
  • Their parents lived opposite each other in two attic rooms. Cited from Stories from Hans Andersen, by Hans Christian Anderson
  • He did his writing either in his living room or in the attic room that constituted his library.
  • She received the news in silence, and after supper in silence went to her little attic room. Cited from Uncle Titus and His Visit to the Country, by Johanna Spyri
  • The sisters were gathered about their window table in the attic room on the following afternoon. Cited from Sisters, by Ada Cambridge
  • It was in the attic room of this house that she completed Science and Health.
  • Instead, he made his way to a little attic room with a dormer window. Cited from Honey-Sweet, by Edna Turpin
  • They worked from home sometimes in a well lit attic room.
  • It contains two attic rooms used by the servants in the house.
  • It shows a grand entrance porch to a house with three levels and a fourth-level attic room.
  • She paused for a moment before the door of an attic room. Cited from A Popular Schoolgirl, by Angela Brazil
  • One the first floor was bed chambers and one attic room.
  • It became necessary for the entire party of twenty men to lie concealed in the low attic room the entire day. Cited from The Man in Gray, by Thomas Dixon
  • Left once more alone in her little attic room, Erica began to think over things more quietly. Cited from We Two, by Edna Lyall
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