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  • They recorded the highest average attendance in the league in their first season.
  • She gave ill health as the official reason for her non-attendance.
  • Despite good attendance in several cities, the league had more problems prior to year two.
  • The league shut down operations due to poor attendance only two months after its formation.
  • The affair was kept low key with some family members and friends in attendance.
  • The concert set a record for the largest paid attendance at such an event.
  • Attendance in these early years was high despite the team's poor on-field performances.
  • He did and was surprised to find himself one of the few men in attendance.
  • Its IT program is the largest in the country in terms of attendance.
  • Games between the two teams are very popular and draw large attendances.
  • At the meeting, typically each candidate will speak, and then members in attendance will vote.
  • This period saw football match attendances reach an all time high.
  • Attendance of the event is expected to increase as the center is expanded.
  • The park only operated one additional year and never reopened due to poor attendance.
  • The measure took effect for poor attendances in the cities of these teams the year before.
  • Indeed, we can understand his many attendances in catholic high school.
  • The film is thought to have achieved attendance figures of twenty million in its first six weeks of release.
  • No one in attendance at the conference supported him in this.
  • In recent years church attendance has fallen off, as in most of Western Europe.
  • When a state produced only one member in attendance, its vote was not counted.
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Meaning of attendance

  • noun The act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.)
  • noun The frequency with which a person is present
    a student's attendance is an important factor in her grade
  • noun The number of people that are present
    attendance was up by 50 per cent