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  • Info In some sports, an attacker is a specific type of player, usually one whose role involves aggressive play. more...
  • Nearly one half of the attackers did not return to their own lines.
  • The attackers shot at my car but I got out and ran away.
  • Sometimes they will even jump towards their attacker, no matter their size and power.
  • He remained at his post until the attackers had been driven off.
  • Too little energy and the attacker may not be able to get in range at all.
  • The team will therefore have two front-row attackers at all times.
  • We followed to those land-based attackers within certain distance.
  • The ball may be played by any legal method except by the hand of the attacker.
  • Return fire stopped the attack and two more at and when the attackers were stopped from the wood.
  • This is the source of the theory of being able to fight multiple attackers.
  • Armed police did eventually push away the attackers after a two-hour battle to the north.
  • All the details match, but she says her attacker seemed to stop himself from killing her.
  • Attacks can be classified based on what type of information the attacker has available.
  • It was designed to slow the attackers as they came into range.
  • Castle and his father kill several of the attackers before Castle's father is killed.
  • Only the attacker has any control over the course of combat.
  • Although mortally wounded he continued to fire his gun against the attackers until he died.
  • The attackers stand behind the opponent on either side of him and put their heads under his arms.
  • When the police arrived, the attackers were still armed and were shot and wounded by police.
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  • noun Someone who attacks