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  • Only when the living become attached to the non-living does suffering result.
  • Each control unit in turn had one or more devices attached to it.
  • Nothing should be attached to it without considering the effect on the whole.
  • They are removed and separated into smaller pieces, each with a few roots attached.
  • They were very attached to Paul, just as he was very fond of them.
  • The name also attaches to a number of schools in the same area.
  • Multiple devices can be attached to the line, and used as needed.
  • Any judge who has heard the case can attach to the judgment a separate opinion.
  • The attached church was once the largest parish church in medieval Scotland.
  • These storage devices were attached to a control unit and then to the channel.
  • He did not attach a stay to his order, so the decision would be immediately effective.
  • Some attach a red heart with the name of the girl written on it to the tree.
  • Rare stamps are often old and many have interesting stories attached to them.
  • This is why most intelligence services attach members to foreign service offices.
  • There are different number series in roulette that have special names attached to them.
  • In addition, the Dutch and English presence allowed trade without religious strings attached.
  • Attaching a field telephone to the rear would became a practice only during the next war.
  • Attaching a field telephone to the rear would become a practice only during the next war.
  • This method of attaching the line requires it to be changed each time the horse changes direction.
  • Their families attach these men to the soil; and many never think of returning to their native country.
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Meaning of attach

  • verb Cause to be attached
  • verb Be attached; be in contact with
  • verb Become attached
    The spider's thread attached to the window sill