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  • If he found those atrocious men he would kill them, if he could. Cited from The Kentucky Ranger, by Edward T. Curnick
  • Who can believe that he would trust so atrocious a commission to a letter? Cited from Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard the Third, Walpole
  • It seemed to become more atrocious the more she thought upon it. Cited from A Little Norsk; Or, Ol' Pap's Flaxen, by Hamlin Garland
  • People at an art school either do an atrocious amount of work or do no work at all. Cited from Tremendous Trifles, by G.K. Chesterton
  • She has not brain enough to know that she can be atrocious. Cited from Robin, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Some few of them were very good, others little short of atrocious, particularly in the matter of form. Cited from The Life and Works of Friedrich Schiller,C. Thomas
  • The circumstances under which it had been committed, struck us as more atrocious than common. Cited from Itinerary of Provence and the Rhone, by John Hughes
  • No other conjecture could be formed of this atrocious act than what has been already mentioned. Cited from Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, Vol. 2, David Collins
  • I met him the other day after he had been talking some atrocious nonsense. Cited from The Half-Hearted, by John Buchan
  • They spent a month there, and filmed what they saw of the atrocious conditions.
  • There is no event, therefore, however atrocious, which may not be expected. Cited from The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. 3 (of 4), ed. by T.J. Randolph
  • I think nothing can be more unwise than that party, and nothing more atrocious than their policy. Cited from Speeches on Public Policy, V1, by John Bright
  • Peter appeared more like a well-trained servant, and his riding was atrocious. Cited from My Lady of Doubt, by Randall Parrish
  • Have I ever told you that our post-office is ten miles off, with an atrocious road between us and it? Cited from Station Life in New Zealand, by Lady Barker
  • And at that very moment, behind his back, out of his sight, she had begun this atrocious thing. Cited from The Marriage of William Ashe, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • What a time was it that I chose for an injury so atrocious! Cited from Italian Letters, Vols. I and II,William Godwin
  • These cases have now become so frequent and atrocious, as to demand the attention of the general government. Cited from Recollections of Forty Years in the House, Senate and Cabinet, Sherman
  • They were much excited about an atrocious murder that had happened only a few doors away. Cited from One Woman's Life, by Robert Herrick
  • Living neighborhoods with atrocious living conditions, the working poor also have to face higher crime rate.
  • Mary saw that the moment was atrocious; but it didn't matter. Cited from Mary Olivier: A Life, by May Sinclair
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