Atlantic bumper

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  • Info The Atlantic bumper, Chloroscombrus chrysurus, is a game fish in the family, Carangidae.
  • The Atlantic bumper is best recognized by its profile, the bottom being much more curved than the top.
  • In the western Atlantic, Atlantic bumper is found from Massachusetts, south to Florida.
  • The Atlantic bumper is found in subtropical waters up to 55 m in depth.
  • Atlantic bumper are known to eat smaller fish, cephalopods, and zooplankton.
  • In the eastern Atlantic, the Atlantic bumper are known from the coast of Mauritania to Angola.
  • Although the average size of Atlantic bumper is 25 cm, the largest recorded Atlantic bumper was 65 cm long.
  • Atlantic bumper are generally described as silver to golden colored, with golden yellow on the anal and caudal fins, which have 3 spines, 25-28 rays and 9 spines, 25-28 rays, respectively.
  • Lychnorhiza lucerna has associations with the parasitic flatworm Dibothriorhynchus dinoi, shrimps Periclimenes spp, the Atlantic bumper fish, Chloroscombrus chrysurus and the bluntnose jack, Hemicaranx amblyrhynchus.