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  • Athletically, he began running at five or six years old in local clubs.
  • She is described as having short black hair and being athletically built.
  • Athletically the state's team are among some of the nation's best.
  • Thompson created or led several athletically based organizations at the academy until his death.
  • A horse that is not athletically fit may also experience back pain.
  • They believed, athletically, in knowing everything about something, and something about everything. Cited from The Dozen from Lakerim, by Rupert Hughes
  • While successful in many areas athletically, Greenwood is most known for its football program.
  • Also, the nature of such financial aid means that the student is there to perform well athletically for the school.
  • Division III sports offer non-athletic financial aid packages rather than athletically-based support.
  • He competed athletically for the school in track events, as well as soccer.
  • He was athletically active throughout school and took up an interested in cycling during his junior year of high school.
  • By appearance he is apparently nondescript, although just under six foot in height, and athletically built.
  • The district is strong both academically and athletically, having won numerous awards and championships.
  • While she was receiving unemployment benefits for a short time, she remained active athletically.
  • When it was too cold to swim, she remained athletically active through cycling.
  • She was athletically active in both ice hockey and swimming, serving as a British national team captain in the former.
  • Cooper participated athletically in both track and field as well as basketball.
  • He studied at Rice University and represented his college athletically in NCAA competition.
  • The Colorado School of Mines has also been successful athletically as of late.
  • The college is known athletically for its men's lacrosse team.
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