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  • His football playing nearly ended his athletic career, and indeed his life.
  • This also allows baseball games and athletic teams to play during the night.
  • The park facilities are sometimes used by the students for selected athletic and social events.
  • The school's athletic teams have been very successful in recent years.
  • He was a coach for several sports, as well as an athletic director for several years.
  • Home of the most recognized girls athletic program in the entire state of Texas.
  • This can also easily be applied to private schools and athletic organizations.
  • Because of its long athletic tradition, the university features also many building dedicated to sport.
  • However, at this time, none of these institutions made efforts to form an athletic league.
  • The community also places considerable emphasis on the success of its high school athletic teams.
  • The school's most successful athletic program is its men's golf team.
  • He was also widely noted for his fine athletic build.
  • City athletic fields range from general purpose open space, to soccer and baseball fields.
  • It is often carried out as an athletic challenge in a competition or for a record attempt.
  • Colorado also has a reputation for being a state of active and athletic people.
  • Some, such as those of sports clubs or athletic teams, are official while others are adopted over time.
  • Athletic and country clubs offer one or more recreational sports facilities to their members.
  • The high school has achieved many educational and athletic accomplishments throughout its history.
  • All boys are members of one of eight day houses or Athletic Houses as they were originally known.
  • Hinchliffe originally served as the site for high school and professional athletic events.
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Meaning of athletic

  • adjective Relating to or befitting athletics or athletes
    athletic facilities