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  • I have known sweet and true and fine people who thought themselves atheists. Cited from Our Unitarian Gospel, by Minot Savage
  • The Chinese also make up the most important part of the atheist group.
  • Despite being raised in religious family, he later on became an atheist.
  • He became an atheist after the death of his mother in the 1970s.
  • He had become an atheist by the time he had started university.
  • Other citizens consider themselves atheists or simply do not practice any religious belief.
  • There have been many atheists who have been active in the entertainment arts.
  • She became a Christian at this time, having been raised as an atheist.
  • But we must not be atheists, as a friend said to me the other day. Cited from The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Vol. II (of 2), ed. by Kenyon
  • Despite being raised in a Jewish family, he later on became an atheist.
  • He became an atheist in response to a moment in a school assembly.
  • During his time in college, despite early spiritual interests, he decided he was an atheist.
  • Many of them reported themselves as atheists or not committed to any religion.
  • Despite having a religious background and education, he later became an atheist.
  • In the little theatre bar the well-to-do young atheists are having another drink. Cited from Twilight in Italy, by D.H. Lawrence
  • She was born into a Muslim family, however she became an atheist over time.
  • Another question has been raised "whether a society of atheists can exist?" Cited from Answer to Dr. Priestley's Letters, Part I, by Matthew Turner
  • Even atheists can read him with pleasure for the sake of his names. Cited from The Art of Letters, by Robert Lynd
  • They decided that a World Atheist Conference should be held every three years.
  • I begin to think you Atheists not quite so tall a species. Cited from Works Charles and Mary Lamb, V5, Letters, by Lamb
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Meaning of atheist

  • noun Someone who denies the existence of god
  • adjective Related to or characterized by or given to atheism
    atheist leanings