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  • He thought that in practice there would be competition for women, leading to accumulation and therefore asymmetries in the system.
  • Here the asymmetry, characteristic of the human body, comes to expression. Cited from Man or Matter, by Ernst Lehrs
  • Up to 25% of women experience notable breast asymmetry of at least one cup size difference.
  • One surface-based study compared the brain shape between these two groups and found a difference in their gender-dependent brain asymmetries.
  • An air gap is then introduced into the dielectric region to produce asymmetry.
  • There was asymmetry in the use of the terms left and right by the opposing sides.
  • Originally published under the Italian title Asymmetry and Life it has two distinct halves.
  • The band also revealed the title, tracklist and cover art for their third album, entitled Asymmetry.
  • This method works particularly well in circumstances where there are asymmetries in left to right suspension geometry.
  • In this sense, labels also help correct information asymmetries that often exist within many market transactions.
  • In case of information asymmetry, a similar sequential model is used and it is called principal-agent setting.
  • The precise nature of this asymmetry, in a particular country, is a matter of research.
  • The additional length makes the building more imposing while its subtle asymmetry adds to its character.
  • It may have some asymmetries and the center appears to be slightly offset from the star.
  • The asymmetry of the main facade suggests that the northern side of the house was added later.
  • It is fairly easy for a top executive to reduce the price of his/her company's stock - due to information asymmetry.
  • There is also evidence from left-right asymmetry.
  • There is also evidence from left-right asymmetry.
  • Due to the asymmetry of the board game, it is suggested that a second game be played with players switching sides.
  • Brain asymmetry has been linked to the capacity for language.
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Meaning of asymmetry

  • noun (mathematics) a lack of symmetry