Asymmetry Principle

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  • Info The Asymmetry Principle was developed by economist Peter Tertzakian, and was first presented in his book The End of Energy Obesity published in 2009. more...
  • This is what the Asymmetry Principle teaches us, and this is our real alternative energy source of the future.
  • The Asymmetry Principle teaches us that real leverage is in the psychology of using less, rather than the technology of using more.
  • The Asymmetry Principle turns one of our deepest problems -- inefficient energy use -- into our greatest leverage.
  • In April, 2010, Peter Tertzakian's ideas on the Asymmetry Principle were presented for dialogue on Canada's national clean energy strategy, in a session hosted by the Canada School for Energy and Environment, the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy and the Public Policy Forum.