asymmetry during

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  • A similar protein in other vertebrates is involved in the determination of left-right asymmetry during development.
  • The idea of placing the engines in underwing nacelles was also rejected because of the dangers of any thrust asymmetry during flight.
  • Proper orientation of cilia via centriole positioning toward the posterior of embryonic node cells is critical for establishing left-right asymmetry during mammalian development.
  • These left him with a noticeable asymmetry during facial expression and resulted in his difficulty in eating or speaking (he could not pronounce some consonants such as the letter 'r').
  • Fluid shear stress is relevant in the stem cell differentiation of cardiovascular lineages as well as late embryogenesis and organogenesis such as left-right asymmetry during development.
  • As this interstellar dust is inhomogeneous, any asymmetry during gravitational accretion results in the angular momentum of the eventual planet.