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  • Info Asymmetry is the absence of, or a violation of, symmetry (the property of an object being invariant to a transformation, such as reflection). more...
  • When tested again around one year later, her brain did not display any asymmetry.
  • Most games have some form of asymmetry between players.
  • Information asymmetry within societies can be created and maintained in several ways.
  • Therefore, the information asymmetry played a very important role in international investments.
  • Most commonly, information asymmetries are studied in the context of principal-agent problems.
  • The asymmetry was first observed when the child was three. Cited from Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, Gould/Pyle
  • If the players do not know which player they are then no uncorrelated asymmetry exists.
  • The effect can produce a minor size variation to an extremely large breast asymmetry.
  • Information asymmetry occurs when one party in a transaction has either more or superior information than the other party involved has.
  • An asymmetry of response has been found between the two populations.
  • Some patients may have asymmetry of the brain, with one side being noticeably larger than the other.
  • Around the 1970s the study of market failures again came into focus with the study of information asymmetry.
  • Information asymmetry has also seen some use in behavioral economics as well.
  • Around the 1970s the study of market failures came into focus with the study of information asymmetry.
  • Second, and more seriously, these conditions are not enough to account for asymmetries in the ways that words are used.
  • However the researchers could not rule out the crystal field effect as the cause of the asymmetry.
  • They show a more extreme asymmetry, and may lack teeth on one side of the jaw.
  • From contract theory, decisions in transactions where one party has more or better information than the other is an asymmetry.
  • The reason from this asymmetry is not yet fully determined.
  • Evidence for this asymmetry has also been seen in great apes.
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Meaning of asymmetry

  • noun (mathematics) a lack of symmetry