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  • This asymmetric example could be more generally seen as the life-dinner principle.
  • Some scholars would consider certain asymmetric games as examples of these games as well.
  • India has an asymmetric federal government, with elected officials at the federal, state and local levels.
  • The asymmetric task light is intended to be placed at the side of the actual task.
  • Because they do not need to be the same, an asymmetric duty cycle is easily achieved.
  • The book once again gives some examples of asymmetric encryption and how to use them.
  • He is particularly famous for his work on incentives under asymmetric information.
  • Inflation also seems to act in an asymmetric way, rising more quickly than it falls.
  • Most commonly studied asymmetric games are games where there are not identical strategy sets for both players.
  • The song is notable for its asymmetric time signature and complex changes.
  • In traditional game theory the order of moves was only relevant if there was asymmetric information.
  • Some federations are called asymmetric because some states have more autonomy than others.
  • An algorithm of this kind is known as a public key or asymmetric key system.
  • Breast development is commonly asymmetric and one or both breasts may be small.
  • Sea Tiger operations could also be seen as a clear example of asymmetric warfare.
  • If an asymmetric key cipher with the public/private key property, both will need the other's public key.
  • This causes asymmetric growth of one side of the plant.
  • Each service branch created its own elite light infantry force oriented for asymmetric warfare.
  • Since the 1960s, the country has suffered from an asymmetric low-intensity armed conflict.
  • However, they could still be applied on an asymmetric battlefield with success.
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