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  • Their report came to nothing due to lack of co-operation of the asylums.
  • He then signed to Asylum Records, where he recorded an additional three albums.
  • I should have thought you would have got more material for your book in one of the big public asylums. Cited from The Angel of Terror, by Edgar Wallace
  • Hill remained in the mental health field, working in a number of asylums.
  • He even named an examination room at the asylum after his teacher.
  • Private asylums are on a different basis and do not as a rule offer training. Cited from Women Workers in Seven Professions, by Edith J. Morley
  • You see, father has been making a tour of the asylums. Cited from The Angel of Terror, by Edgar Wallace
  • According to the Ministry, all those who had passed the test had been granted asylum.
  • Having made sure of this, we turned to the children's asylums. Cited from Children of the Tenements, by Jacob A. Riis
  • It is not known on what grounds she received political asylum.
  • Five thousand colored children are taught in these schools, and three hundred children in the asylums. Cited from American Missionary, Volume 43, No. 2, February, 1889, by Various
  • During that time he was often restricted to working within the asylum's grounds.
  • This boy spent the next twenty years in and out of asylums and foster care.
  • Most asylums at that time forced such people into deplorable conditions and did nothing to help them.
  • A man visits them and tells them that the dead man had escaped from his asylum.
  • It once again portrays the asylum as having been taken over by its patients.
  • This led to a significant increase in the number of people seeking asylum in Scotland.
  • He was later granted political asylum by the French government.
  • Germany had always been to him the asylum of thought and disinterested science.
  • "Do you suppose they're running away from one of these here blind asylums." Cited from New Faces, by Myra Kelly
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