asunder all

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  • So, this shot will tear asunder all my former ties, but it will clear a road to new ones. Cited from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 332, June 1843, Vol. 53
  • He cleaves asunder all who come within his reach. Cited from Cliges: A Romance, by Chretien de Troyes
  • I shall yet feed and keep thy beasts, and depart asunder all the sheep of divers colors. Cited from Bible Stories and Religious Classics, by Philip P. Wells
  • Though his temples too be fair Yet two horns are growing there Bursting forth to part asunder All the riches of his hair. Cited from Spirits in Bondage [Lyrics Cycle], by C. S. Lewis
  • "Thus in the spring we jeer at Death, though he Will see our children perish and will briny Asunder all that cling while love may be." Cited from Chivalry, by James Branch Cabell
  • In the silence that followed she stood waiting for the storm to burst, waiting for his savagery to tear asunder all restraining bonds and leap forth in devilish fury. Cited from The Knave of Diamonds, by Ethel May Dell
  • Build deep, build high, build massive as you can, The wanton grass-roots will defeat the plan By shouldering asunder all the stones In what to you would be a moment's span. Cited from The Devil's Dictionary, by Ambrose Bierce
  • There it is that I have resolved at any rate to transport myself and family: an eccentric thought, you may say, thus to cut asunder all former connections, and to form new ones with a people whom nature has stamped with such different characteristics! Cited from Letters from an American Farmer, H. de Crevecoeur
  • The reason was clear to me, why she had made up her mind to drift away towards the unknown, cutting asunder all her lifelong bonds of daily habit, and of the house itself, which she had never left for a day since she first entered it at the age of nine. Cited from Home and the World, by Rabindranath Tagore
  • And nought that Cliges can reach stands firm before his blow; for he cleaves and breaks asunder all; he wheels round more quickly than the top which is urged on and driven by the whip. Cited from Cliges: A Romance, by Chretien de Troyes
  • "Ah, dear Mother, yet shall a spear My heart asunder all but tear: No wonder if I care-ful were And wept full sore to think on this." Cited from Our Lady Saint Mary, by J. G. H. Barry
  • He stirred my conscience to its very depths, as I shall presently explain, and with an unrelenting hand tore asunder all the bandages with which I had disguised even from myself the wounds of a faith already severely stricken. Cited from Recollections of My Youth, by Ernest Renan
  • "Then I spake To one most holy saint, who wept and said That save they could be plucked asunder all My quest were but in vain; to whom I vowed That I would work according as he willed." Cited from Studies from Court and Cloister, J.M. Stone