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  • She astutely drew back from the ground upon which she had entered. Cited from The City of Delight, by Elizabeth Miller
  • She will soon be cured, if you can follow this advice astutely. Cited from Editorials from the Hearst Newspapers by Brisbane
  • He struck the tone most likely to win him obedience, and that he had judged astutely her face showed him. Cited from The Trampling of the Lilies, by Rafael Sabatini #9
  • Looking at the decor, Montanelli astutely asked him how he felt about having destroyed their world.
  • Though less learned than his father, he was youthful, energetic and astutely diplomatic.
  • He assumed the expression for a moment of one astutely drunk. Cited from Aladdin O'Brien, by Gouverneur Morris
  • She reasoned, as she thought, astutely, that he would not be able to help it, when he saw her after a long absence. Cited from Jerome, A Poor Man, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • To her lord it was an outcry of nature, astutely touched by him to put her to proof. Cited from Beauchamps Career by George Meredith, v6
  • Astutely, he built on the extensive network of contacts he already had but was also enormously successful at cold calling.
  • The knowledge worker is astutely aware, not only of the means and purpose of their work, but also its political and social dimensions.
  • He was amused; he astutely recognized the usual trustfulness of love and youth. Cited from Frontier Stories, by Bret Harte
  • He astutely pointed out that a successful mercenary army no longer needs its employer if it is more militarily powerful than its supposed superior.
  • Nelson's wealth was astutely managed by his parents, who channeled his earnings into trust funds.
  • She was aware of the competition but astutely publicized her business, always ensuring she kept up with evolving technology.
  • When the original images are chosen astutely, this software is able to create an astonishing array of source images.
  • The little round judge cocked his head astutely. Cited from The PG Works Of Gilbert Parker, Complete
  • During World War II, Bell astutely argued against the league suspending operations until the war's conclusion.
  • Boy as he was, he reasoned it out astutely. Cited from Madelon, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • For the longest time he would ruminate upon his vengeance, most astutely, and he would carry it out at the moment when he believed himself perfectly secure. Cited from Brazilian Tales, by Joaqium Maria Machado de Assis, et al.
  • At this point he reached down in one of his pockets and drew forth astutely drafted maps and blue-prints, especially prepared for this occasion. Cited from The Titan, by Theodore Dreiser
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Meaning of astutely

  • adverb In a shrewd manner
    he invested his fortune astutely, he was acutely insightful