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  • Perhaps he expected the astronomical rise he experienced in his early years to continue throughout his life.
  • Receiving light and other signals from distant astronomical sources can even take much longer.
  • So, the month always starts on the day of with a new astronomical moon.
  • Next to the palace the king built a tower for his astronomical observations.
  • Astronomical dawn is defined as the moment after which the sky is no longer completely dark.
  • There is a large collection of ancient and more recent astronomical instruments on display at the museum.
  • Although the HST has clearly helped astronomical research, its financial cost has been large.
  • Around the big tower runs a gallery, where people could make astronomical computations.
  • Unlike the system described above, the astronomical system does not consider years, it only counts days.
  • In that respect, the International Astronomical Union chose the best-developed available theory.
  • The programme covers a wide range of general astronomical and space-related topics.
  • Here is a list of the average length of the various astronomical lunar months.
  • Before this discovery, all other astronomical objects have been observed to contain heavy elements that are formed in stars.
  • Only rarely did they describe their work as astronomical, and then only as a secondary category.
  • A well-known and spectacular astronomical object is usually chosen as a subject.
  • This is what makes an astronomical process scientific not so much chemical or biological but physical.
  • Astronomical distances are sometimes expressed in light-years, especially in popular science publications and media.
  • The exact length of an astronomical year changes over time.
  • Different sets of elements are used for various astronomical bodies.
  • He also appears to be the first to make use of the compass for astronomical purposes.
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