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  • Rather than being a writer, as in the novel, he is an astronomer.
  • The number of professional astronomers in the United States is actually quite small.
  • Astronomers in this time would measure the time it took for stars to travel.
  • Using his knowledge of German he read the work of German astronomers.
  • Astronomers during that time introduced many Arabic names now used for individual stars.
  • For the most part, these were too difficult to be used by anyone except professional astronomers.
  • She became a significant astronomer in her own right as a result of her collaboration with him.
  • During this time the park manager allows amateur astronomers to use the park and facilities.
  • He held that office, as well as that of Astronomer Royal, until his death.
  • Some of the problems resulted from individual differences in response speed found by astronomers.
  • There is no evidence that astronomers have ever considered it significant.
  • For nearly a decade he was the world's only radio astronomer.
  • He is thus considered the last astronomer to do major work without the use of a telescope.
  • It is often supported by a municipality, a school or an astronomer's society.
  • Modern astronomers spend relatively little time at telescopes usually just a few weeks per year.
  • He became known as one of the best observational astronomers of his time.
  • Massive stars are rare; astronomers must look very far from the Earth to find one.
  • Astronomers are developing ways to make the large amount of data easily accessible.
  • This method was adopted by astronomers in other countries as well.
  • In ancient times, astronomers noted how certain lights moved across the sky in relation to the other stars.
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  • noun A physicist who studies astronomy