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  • He comes to know from an astrologer that he is going to die soon.
  • She believed that her career as an astrologer began at that time.
  • She learned it was the wife of the chief astrologer to the king. Cited from 1000 Nights and a Night, Vol. 12, Tr. by Burton
  • Some modern astrologers believe they will also take on some of each other's attributes.
  • One of the most important changes was their rising from astrologers to kings.
  • After the war he made his living as an astrologer and had his wife's books printed.
  • As a personal interest, she also worked as a published astrologer.
  • He again changed his methods and again arrived at the results astrologers predicted.
  • Can my father's astrologer have really done it at last after all these fruitless years? Cited from The Slowcoach, by E. V. Lucas
  • This view of the case was taken by many at court, and even by some of the astrologers themselves. Cited from The Mysteries of All Nations, by James Grant
  • However, traditional astrologers, using whole-sign houses, never made this connection.
  • Do you wish to see the church guided by the hand of the astrologer? Cited from Standard Selections, ed. by Fulton, Trueblood and Trueblood
  • Nor there had not been that one, if she had had to do with anything but astrologers, uncle. Cited from Love for Love, by William Congreve
  • He was told by one of the professional astrologers that his wealth would become Joseph's. Cited from Hebraic Literature; Translations from the Talmud, Midrashim and Kabbala
  • The queen went into labor early, before the time predicted by the astrologer.
  • She has been referred to as "one of the UK's top astrologers".
  • At the same time, he began to gain fame as an astrologer.
  • The astrologers, that eight months are enemies to every birth, seven are friends and kind to it. Cited from Works Volume 3: Essays and Miscellanies, Plutarch
  • Indeed, we are ruled by the stars even more than the old astrologers imagined. Cited from Recreations in Astronomy, by Henry Warren
  • He also took up astrology, and remained a keen astrologer throughout his life.
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Meaning of astrologer

  • noun Someone who predicts the future by the positions of the planets and sun and moon