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  • This plant was long treated as a variety of Boltonia asteroides until 1985, when it was elevated to species status, a status it had held once before.
  • The family Acanthasteridae is monogeneric; its position within the Asteroides is unsettled.
  • Bifidobacterium asteroides is a gram-positive, rod-shaped species of bacteria.
  • Nocardia asteroides is the species of Nocardia most frequently infecting humans, and most cases occur as an opportunistic infection in immunocompromised patients.
  • Il accomplissait rationnellement son orbite autour du monde, sans s'inquieter des asteroides qui gravitaient autour de lui. Cited from Tour Du Mond 80 Jours [in French] by Jules Verne#5
  • This species is very similar in phenotype to Nocardia asteroides, to the degree that some isolates of N. asteroides were later found to be Nocardia farcinica.
  • It is due to infection by bacterium of the genus Nocardia, most commonly Nocardia asteroides or Nocardia brasiliensis.
  • Scaptius asteroides is a moth in the Arctiidae family.
  • Examples of obligately aerobic bacteria include Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Nocardia asteroides.
  • The species responsible include Trichosporon ovoides, T. inkin, T. asahii, T. mucoides, T. asteroides, and T. cutaneum.
  • Laboratory experiments showed that the Murchison meteorite can support a variety of organisms including bacteria (Nocardia asteroides), algae, and plant cultures such as potato and asparagus.
  • Et maintenant que tu as perdu tes illusions, maintenant que tu sais qu'il est dur de redresser les torts et que c'est toujours a recommencer, tu retournes a tes asteroides. Cited from L'Ile des Pingouins, par Anatole France
  • Some species of the bacterial genus Nocardia (including Nocardia asteroides and Nocardia brasiliensis) which can cause mycetoma produce an yellow coloured discharge, and those of the bacterial genus Streptomyces (including Streptomcyes somaliensis) produce an yellow or red coloured discharge.
  • Species said to be agents of trichosporonosis are T. asahii, T. asteroides, T. cutaneum, T.dermatis, T. dohaense, T. inkin, T. loubieri, T. mucoides, and T. ovoides.
  • Nous avons eu une vue magnifique des 5 asteroides Nepturiens, et nous avons assiste avec le plus grand interet a la pose d'une enorme imposte sur deux linteaux dans le nouveau temple situe a Daphnis dans la lune. Cited from Derniers Contes, by Edgar Allen Poe [Traduits par F. Rabbe]