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  • Or again, it may be that a large planet is now in process of formation in the asteroidal space. Cited from Notable Events of the Nineteenth Century, by Various
  • Initially, the object was considered to be of asteroidal nature before later observations confirmed its cometary appearance.
  • Some astronomers have given and are still giving their almost undivided attention to asteroidal investigation. Cited from Notable Events of the Nineteenth Century, by Various
  • However, we do see evidence for asteroidal space weathering.
  • However, it is undeniable that NEAR data advanced the field of asteroidal studies tremendously.
  • It may be true that a large planet once occupied the asteroidal space, and that the same has been rent by some violence into thousands of fragments. Cited from Notable Events of the Nineteenth Century, by Various
  • It has been examined spectroscopically, and appears to have a Class B asteroidal spectrum.
  • Sekanina argued that the evidence pointed to a dense, rocky object, probably of asteroidal origin.
  • All of these moons are thought to be captured asteroidal or perhaps cometary bodies, possibly fragmented into several pieces, but very little is actually known about them.
  • The warm dust is very primitive, and definitely not from an asteroidal parent body.
  • The surface of the Moon has been subject to billions of years of collisions with both small and large asteroidal and cometary materials.
  • Asteroidal achondrites, also called evolved achondrites, are called in this way because have been differentiated on a parent body.
  • The spectra are distinct from those of all classes of chondrite meteorites, again pointing away from an asteroidal origin.
  • If an object is originally found asteroidal, and later develops a cometary tail, it retains its asteroidal designation.
  • The former enhancement is consistent with roughly equal asteroidal and cometary contributions, while the latter would indicate mostly asteroidal contributions.
  • Later, he, along with scientists elsewhere, proposed that a certain unusual class of meteorites was not asteroidal in origin but instead came from the planet Mars.
  • The star Tau Ceti, about twelve light years away, has an abundance of cometary and asteroidal material in orbit around it.
  • Rugged and highly individualistic, Belters make their living by mining the ores from the asteroidal rocks.
  • However, this problem can be solved in polynomial time for certain graph families, such as asteroidal-triple-free graphs or graphs with no long holes.
  • The orbits of the Earth and most asteroids are very distant from each other in terms of delta-v and the asteroidal bodies have enormous momentum.
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Meaning of asteroidal

  • adjective Of or relating to or resembling an asteroid