asteroid impact

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  • An example would be a very large asteroid impact.
  • Many other global catastrophes could have occurred as a result of the asteroid impact.
  • Then, around a hundred years from the present, another asteroid impact will occur, leaving only the rats surviving.
  • Jack and Adam realize that the fire was indeed caused by an asteroid impact.
  • More recently, it has been used to describe the energy released in other highly destructive events, such as asteroid impacts.
  • Tsunamis can also occur after a medium-sized or larger asteroid impacts an ocean surface or other large body of water.
  • The term "planet-buster" has also come into use with reference to major natural disasters such as significant asteroid impact events.
  • So the shape meant that it was probably caused by an asteroid impact which cracked the crust.
  • A number of organizations have also raised related discussions and proposals on asteroid-impact avoidance.
  • As head of the NSC he called for greater efforts to protect Earth against the danger of potential asteroid impacts.
  • His research on the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs led to the discovery of nuclear winter due to the major decrease in temperature.
  • It was the first time that an asteroid impact had been predicted prior to its entry into the atmosphere as a meteor.
  • Instead, armed with a value for the planet, we can put in place systems that provide early warning and a good measure of the probability of asteroid impact.
  • It is believed to be the location of a major asteroid impact event in 536 A.D.
  • About 800 million years ago, an asteroid impact is suspected to have created a crater much larger than the remnant lake.
  • Stage three mainly consisted of more volcanism and asteroid impacts.
  • This event has helped to spark discussion of asteroid impact avoidance.
  • His efforts are complicated by the social, political and economic effects of preparations for, and anticipation of, an asteroid impact six months in the future.
  • A megatsunami could have astronomical origins as well, such as an asteroid impact in an ocean.
  • It showed how dinosaurs effectively dominated mammals for 160 million years until an asteroid impact wiped them out.
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