asteroid family

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  • Info An asteroid family is a population of asteroids that share similar proper orbital elements, such as semimajor axis, eccentricity, and orbital inclination. more...
  • Asteroid families can be confirmed when the members display common spectral features.
  • Liberatrix is a member of an asteroid family bearing its own name.
  • In the past, Ceres had been considered a member of an asteroid family.
  • It is not a true asteroid family, since the members are not physically related, but rather share similar orbital elements.
  • It is the second-largest member of the Flora asteroid family.
  • Undina is a member of the Veritas asteroid family, which formed some eight million years ago.
  • It is a member of the Flora family; the largest of the asteroid families.
  • Some asteroid families have formed recently, in astronomical terms.
  • Alauda's moon may be a result of the collision that created the asteroid family.
  • In his honor, asteroid families are sometimes called Hirayama families.
  • Present day computer-assisted searches have identified several tens of asteroid families.
  • Members are generally unrelated to each other, unlike in an asteroid family, which often results from the break-up of a single asteroid.
  • Nemesis is the largest member of the Nemesian asteroid family bearing its name.
  • It is the only large member of the Vibilia asteroid family.
  • It is also the largest member of the Themistian asteroid family.
  • Approximately one-third of the asteroids in the asteroid belt are members of an asteroid family.
  • A collision may fragment an asteroid into numerous smaller pieces (leading to the formation of a new asteroid family).
  • Hence, it is a classical example of a so-called 'asteroid clan' (see asteroid family).
  • The orbital properties show it to be a member of the extensive Eos asteroid family, which is named after it.
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