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  • The assizes will be held next week, so you have not long to remain in doubt. Cited from Mark Hurdlestone, by Susanna Moodie
  • Upon which we made the best of our way to the assizes. Cited from Days with Sir Roger de Coverley, Addison & Steele
  • I am going to the assizes, and shall not return till about four o'clock. Cited from Black Baronet; or, The Chronicles Of Ballytrain, by William Carleton
  • During the summer assize, almost every considerable town and circuit had its state trial. Cited from A Popular History of Ireland, by T.D. McGee
  • The evidence against him was so strong that the case has been referred to the Assizes. Cited from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Doyle
  • Such was the state and condition of affairs as the assizes were within ten days of opening. Cited from Willy Reilly, by William Carleton
  • I was immediately thrown into prison and in a few days my trial began at the assizes. Cited from The World's Greatest Books, Vol VII, Ed. by Arthur Mee & J.A. Hammerton
  • God rather grant, at His assize, He see us not with our own eyes! Cited from Poems, by Francis Thompson
  • Professional business took me to the Assizes during your second trial. Cited from The Stowmarket Mystery, by Louis Tracy
  • The assizes, which passed over without influence to me, produced a great revolution among my fellow-prisoners. Cited from Caleb Williams, by William Godwin
  • The assizes of that summer wore all over the country an aspect never before known. Cited from History of England, James II Vol. 2, Macaulay
  • Then, when his trial comes up at the spring assizes, the charge of murder can be placed against him. Cited from The Gun-Brand, by James B. Hendryx
  • Summer passed away, autumn had come and gone, and the winter assizes were once more upon us. Cited from The Experiences of a Barrister, by Samuel Warren
  • If the country folks of those assize towns on his circuit could see him now! Cited from Bleak House, by Charles Dickens
  • It was converted into a market hall and assize hall and later fell into ruin.
  • Besides, as of course you know, the case will be simply sent on for trial at the assizes. Cited from Marcella, by Mrs. Humphry Ward [AKA: Mary Augusta Arnold Ward]
  • If you are guilty, choose between the court of assize or the terms proposed. Cited from The Mysteries of Paris V2, by Eugene Sue
  • One of the girls reminded them that the assizes came on next week. Cited from Mary Barton, by Elizabeth Gaskell
  • Here too was the judge's residence, set apart for his occupation during the assizes. Cited from Cobwebs and Cables, by Hesba Stretton
  • Here the assizes are held, in a range of buildings erected for that purpose. Cited from The Expedition of Humphry Clinker, Tobias Smollett
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Meaning of assize

  • noun The regulation of weights and measures of articles offered for sale
  • noun An ancient writ issued by a court of assize to the sheriff for the recovery of property