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  • He remained a senior assistant for the rest of his three-year civil service career.
  • Afterwards, his mother became assistant to the principal in the local high school.
  • There is a full-time head teacher, and a part-time assistant teacher.
  • Before becoming a full-time assistant for the team, he held several positions with the team.
  • The principal is supported by a full-time assistant principal and various administrative staff.
  • His break came when he was hired as a second assistant editor.
  • He sometimes appears as the assistant or companion of one or the other of the two.
  • This includes the police chief, fire chief, one assistant city manager, and the community development director.
  • He would therefore eventually use teams of assistants to create such works.
  • Often the assistant is asked to play a passage after resting a long time.
  • There are twenty six teaching staff, five special needs assistants and three support staff.
  • For the third time in three years, an assistant would take the helm.
  • He also held the post of the Arab League assistant secretary general during this period.
  • Earlier he had started working as an assistant in a hospital and writing stories in his spare time.
  • The firm employed many assistants and other staff members over the years.
  • An assistant casting director walked up and down looking us over.
  • Some were completed by his assistants and other artists, some were sold as they were.
  • In this way, he and his assistants' powers would work better during that month.
  • The following year, she became assistant secretary general.
  • Along with writing the screenplay, he was also given position as assistant director to the film.
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Meaning of assistant

  • noun A person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose
    my invaluable assistant, they hired additional help to finish the work