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  • His wife called for medical assistance, but he died before it arrived.
  • He or she may not want get out of bed, or may need complete assistance doing so.
  • He needed in his administration all the loyalty and assistance he could find.
  • The King established an office for assistance to prisoners of war on all sides.
  • It also has an environmental department and an extensive social assistance program.
  • He was given a building from which the poor could at any time apply for assistance.
  • Others only need assistance with certain activities, and still others do not require any physical assistance.
  • The new airport will be constructed with financial assistance from the United States.
  • Parents may receive assistance with caring for their children through child care programs.
  • It is terrible; and will last for centuries if you do not come to my assistance.
  • Never officially assigned names, these ships were designed with German and Italian assistance.
  • Pliny sat down and could not get up even with assistance and was left behind.
  • I believe that difficulties are more important to the human mind than what we call assistances. Cited from Harvard Classics Volume 28, by Various
  • We were given minds to allow us to live together in mutual assistance and security.
  • It states that all game decisions about the play of each hand must be made by one player without any assistance.
  • The two countries agreed that the United States would give nuclear power assistance to India.
  • Nearly 100% of first-year students receive some form of financial assistance.
  • The government also has discussed working with World Bank assistance to develop government administrative capacity.
  • Thus, they had to represent themselves, though they received significant pro bono assistance.
  • Financial assistance was also received from the Government.
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