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  • Robert later went there with another army to assist his brother.
  • He formerly held the school records for single-season points and single-season assists.
  • He scored four goals and made three assists en route to the final.
  • He finished the tournament with a goal and two assists over nine games.
  • In his first game back since the injury he picked up two assists.
  • However, several independent, non-credit programs assist students who need help in a specific subject.
  • In his two games played in the series, he recorded two assists.
  • Successful efforts were made to get middle-class women involved in social work assisting large families.
  • While he only scored six goals, he set the team record for single season assists with ten.
  • He led the team in assists several times despite playing fewer minutes than other players.
  • The UN runs programs in some countries to assist in this process.
  • The annual service project allows students to give back to their community by assisting local residents.
  • With the club, she appeared in four games, scoring five goals and two assists.
  • She led the league in assists with eleven and added an additional three goals.
  • The king was assisted by a number of officers of state.
  • The government did not have a parliament to back them and had few employees to assist them.
  • Military aircraft are often now built with a role available to assist in civil obedience.
  • Others took up his methods and his computer-assisted approach.
  • The bank assists these companies with a range of financial services.
  • The female assists in building, but is less active than the male.
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Meaning of assist

  • noun (sports) the act of enabling another player to make a good play
  • verb Act as an assistant in a subordinate or supportive function