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  • Assis has a system of public and private primary and secondary schools and a variety of vocational-technical schools.
  • In response, Assis said that he "films life as it is".
  • He simply asked, day after day, of every one he met, for an Indian named Alessandro Assis. Cited from Ramona, by Helen Hunt Jackson
  • If Alessandro Assis is seen here again, I'll eat my head! Cited from Ramona, by Helen Hunt Jackson
  • About four or five hundred assis (those able to sit up) were waiting on benches at the end of the hall. Cited from A Volunteer Poilu, by Henry Sheahan
  • He also wrote studies about Italian literature and about famous Brazilian writers like Machado de Assis.
  • Critics are divided as to the nature of Machado de Assis's writing.
  • Assis is one of the most important of region and has a privileged geographic location where there are different types of agriculture.
  • Assis is also highly respected around the world.
  • After months of suffering Rodrigo died surrounded by his friends, among them writer Machado de Assis.
  • The directorial debut of Assis, the film was partially inspired by his previous short film Texas Hotel.
  • Assis Chateaubriand would not get to see the inauguration of the new building.
  • Unlike the SSSIs, ASSIs include both natural environments and man-made structures.
  • The city is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Assis.
  • All of Machado de Assis is practically present in his early works; in fact, he did not change, he scarcely developed. Cited from Brazilian Tales, by Joaqium Maria Machado de Assis, et al.
  • The name is derived from French bel assis meaning 'well situated'.
  • Brazilian writer and poet Machado de Assis often used Jewish themes in his writings.
  • De Assis started his professional career in 2009.
  • The area was previously occupied by a model farm called Assis-Brasil and is located near the coast, having several streams crossing the actual campus.
  • These two works represented the end of what is usually termed Machado de Assis' first, Romantic, phase.
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