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  • At, it was the largest assembly line in the world at the time.
  • And they too could be removed from office at any time that the assembly met.
  • Only the prime minister is required to be a member of the assembly.
  • He is responsible for any bill sent to the President from the assembly.
  • The head of state - the president -is elected by the House of Assembly.
  • The council chamber and the assembly's call were given for the purpose. Cited from Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 2 of 4, by American Anti-Slavery Society
  • The opposition to revolution sat on the right-hand side of the Assembly.
  • An ordinary general assembly is held at least once a year.
  • Assembly language is still taught in most computer science and electronic engineering programs.
  • If the motion is adopted, it becomes part of the assembly's policy.
  • The president of the Assembly is also the president of the Committee as a whole.
  • To date, it remains the largest public assembly of any event in the history of Italy.
  • Members of the Assembly are elected to five-year terms.
  • In total, twelve parties received enough votes to win a seat in the assembly.
  • The president and vice president are elected by the National Assembly for five-year terms.
  • The region now has its own government and legislative assembly.
  • At the same time, the third car moves to the engine assembly.
  • It has a unique front assembly with well laid-back shoulders and relatively straight upper arm.
  • Council runs many school events such as dances, spirit days and assembly's.
  • She declined to run for a third term because of the Assembly's late hours.
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Meaning of Assembly

  • noun A group of machine parts that fit together to form a self-contained unit
  • noun A group of persons who are gathered together for a common purpose
  • noun A unit consisting of components that have been fitted together
  • noun The social act of assembling
    they demanded the right of assembly