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  • Within a few days he had completed work and assembled a band.
  • In traditional production, only one car would be assembled at a time.
  • Any one vehicle will still take several hours to be completely assembled.
  • He plans to assemble an army to bring order back to the world.
  • This was the only time of year when the four nations would assemble.
  • The members created a library, initially assembled from their own books.
  • Held during school hours, the entire student body of each school assembles to support its team.
  • However, you can then take all the original pieces, and assemble them into a ship.
  • They all come to meet them so that the whole host assembles. Cited from Cliges: A Romance, by Chretien de Troyes
  • And then, at night, he would be the best player on one of the greatest teams ever assembled.
  • Worship can also be carried out alone or with fewer than ten people assembled together.
  • She had assembled her collection in only seven years.
  • No money to keep the great team assembled, has begun a bad phase in red and black football.
  • Australia had assembled one of the great teams of cricket history.
  • This was the first time a gun-type nuclear weapon had ever been fully assembled.
  • A team of artists assembled using an open call of community participation.
  • Walpole also left behind a famous collection of art which he had assembled during his career.
  • Several hundred buildings were also constructed and quickly assembled.
  • In response, groups on both the right and left began assembling independent security groups for their own protection.
  • Houdini would then make his escape in full view of the assembled crowd.
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Meaning of assemble

  • verb Create by putting components or members together
    She pieced a quilt, He tacked together some verses, They set up a committee
  • verb Get people together
    assemble your colleagues, get together all those who are interested in the project, gather the close family members