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  • He asked his parents if he could leave school to become an actor.
  • Every member of parliament has the right to ask the government written questions.
  • However, he was asked to leave at the end of the year.
  • All she can think to do is to ask him whether he is her father.
  • If people ask in the name of religion we must help them.
  • He gave each band member a letter asking them to start the band.
  • The police called him a few weeks later to ask if he had found his car.
  • The woman will be given the opportunity to ask any questions she may have.
  • Then, it is natural to ask about the state of the process at the end.
  • This private member country club has everything one could ask for.
  • It can be seen as a two-channel system, each channel using ASK.
  • He asked her to marry him the next day and she agreed.
  • A series of questions is given, to be asked by the master.
  • They also frequently ask me if I think I will see him again.
  • Fans ask me all the time what it is like to be a rock star.
  • They sent some one to him to ask for more.
  • One may ask what is the physical meaning of those numbers.
  • The king was to provide protection and help, when they needed it and asked for it.
  • When he came Home, he ask'd her if she had been there. Cited from Colloquies of Erasmus, Vol. I, by Erasmus, Ed. by Rev. E. Johnson
  • If we add that rule and ask what things are animals?
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Meaning of ask

  • verb Inquire about
    I asked about their special today, He had to ask directions several times
  • verb Make a request or demand for something to somebody
    She asked him for a loan
  • verb Direct or put; seek an answer to
    ask a question
  • verb Consider obligatory; request and expect
    We require our secretary to be on time, Aren't we asking too much of these children?, I expect my students to arrive in time for their lessons
  • verb Address a question to and expect an answer from
    Ask your teacher about trigonometry, The children asked me about their dead grandmother
  • verb Require or ask for as a price or condition
    He is asking $200 for the table, The kidnappers are asking a million dollars in return for the release of their hostage