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  • It was the first ever ashram to become so popular in south areas.
  • Once he reached the ashram, he found that there was no one inside.
  • People from various parts of the world visit this ashram throughout the year.
  • She joined the ashram as a full-time member and remained there for ten years.
  • The ashram also houses a school where a large number of children of the local area study.
  • The police soon discovered the true purpose of the ashram and closed it down.
  • The ashram life gave him an opportunity to read a lot of books.
  • He does not tell them that he is back to normal and goes back to ashram.
  • Even during his studies, he was involved in the work of the Ashram.
  • In recent years, a number of ashrams have been established outside of India.
  • Many of the Ashram's former students have been selected for state police services.
  • Many of the Ashram's former students have been selected for state police services.
  • They had built the ashram buildings by hand in the style of the poor of the country.
  • All new visitors are shown a video giving a general idea about the Ashram and its activities.
  • They are attempts to bring the ashram concept to the student and are held once a year.
  • One is free to do any work in the ashram and mostly people wake up early to do their work.
  • They were taken away from the ashram when its officials realized they would not be able to vote.
  • There is a small ashram and a few spots associated with his early life.
  • Soon after this he began to form his ashram.
  • The Ashram has a books library as well as book store.
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Meaning of ashram

  • noun A place of religious retreat modeled after the indian ashram
  • noun (india) a place of religious retreat for hindus