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  • At the southern end of the garden, a raised bed was formed from ashlars found on site.
  • The second part consists of an upper section built of ashlars.
  • Built primarily of stone, the Academy features ashlar walls with a rough appearance.
  • The next year he built the two story house, by in rock-faced ashlar sandstone.
  • Worked stone is usually known as ashlar, and is often used for corners in stone buildings.
  • The walls are of red brick with large areas of pale ashlar, especially around the windows.
  • All of the original and subsequent buildings are faced in grey Ashlar stone.
  • Whilst these initially appear random, like an ashlar wall, there is a regular order.
  • The ashlar was unable to take the early years, except for the covers of the main church and some houses.
  • The structure is faced with ashlar on the lower two levels and red brick on the upper five.
  • The new ashlar church was built the following year.
  • It was built mainly from rubble stone, with parts of ashlar also present.
  • Ashlar walls make up the well sides and a possible niche exists at the back.
  • The house is constructed of high quality ashlar masonry on a grand scale.
  • Interior design wise, the house features a rare example of painted ashlar upon plaster wall.
  • By the eighth century more sophisticated ashlar block-built buildings began to be constructed.
  • The building is constructed in yellow ashlar stone on the front, and brown brick on the sides and rear.
  • The ground floor is constructed of ashlar, the upper floor of timber.
  • These upper features are built in warm, red ashlar in contrast to the rubble walls below.
  • St Paul's is constructed in a mixture of red and white ashlar stone and red rock-faced stone.
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Meaning of ashlar

  • noun A rectangular block of hewn stone used for building purposes