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  • She decided to lead an ascetic life and bring up her only brother.
  • Ascetics are sometimes more advanced than the average man, as well as less. Cited from Varied Types, by G. K. Chesterton
  • It has also brought about a change in the mind of the ascetics. Cited from On the Indian Sect of the Jainas, by Johann George Buehler
  • There were strange stories in the School about his ascetic way of living. Cited from Fifteen Chapters of Autobiography, by George William Erskine Russell
  • Gradually a community of women ascetics grew up around her, who she served as their spiritual mother.
  • All four had wanted to become ascetics and despite early resistance from their parents were allowed to so.
  • Mary became great in spiritual virtue until she was an ascetic in her own right.
  • In true ascetic fashion, he gave away all of the prize money.
  • The first and second parts lay down rules for conduct of ascetics.
  • He lived, however, the life of a saint, nearly that of an ascetic. Cited from Pioneers and Founders, by Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • Its object was to further the ascetic life to which he was devoted.
  • He is described as being an ascetic who came to Rome from the East.
  • So after much contemplation, he decided to give up his kingdom and take up the ascetic life.
  • He lived here for many years in meditation and led an ascetic life.
  • He retired himself into the life of an ascetic leaving the future of the empire uncertain.
  • He led a life of an ascetic, his cell being poor and having little possessions.
  • Her parents, who did not support her decision to follow an ascetic, religious life, looked for her in various cities.
  • He is noted for his ascetic life and concern for the poor.
  • His parents were ascetic Christians but did not have any children for a long time.
  • When he was a child, he began to live as an ascetic - he spent almost all his time praying.
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Meaning of ascetic

  • adjective Pertaining to or characteristic of an ascetic or the practice of rigorous self-discipline
    ascetic practices