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  • A few days later the four men finally began the ascent of the face.
  • Because they had kept their plans secret, their ascent was a complete surprise.
  • The team followed the route of the first ascent from the north.
  • Then, Scott stood on top of the ascent engine cover and put his head outside.
  • The first ascents for scientific purposes were made about the beginning of the present century. Cited from Up in the Clouds, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • Prior to this solo ascent, he had not set up a camp on the mountain.
  • The route was primarily flat, although it did contain a few major ascents.
  • These ascents were all on the first day after Peter's going. Cited from Greenmantle, by John Buchan
  • December through February are the best months to attempt an ascent.
  • This was the third ascent overall and the first via this route.
  • Then he sought one of the ascents, and was soon on the top of the hill. Cited from The Crater, by James Fenimore Cooper
  • This gave him another opportunity to talk about the ascent.
  • He made the first ascents of a number of mountains in Washington.
  • Since that time, there have been six additional successful ascents and two failed attempts on the peak.
  • Sometimes, an ascent or the style in which it is done will come into dispute.
  • Despite many attempts there have been no successful winter ascents.
  • Over the years he made several ascents of not only this mountain, but also many others over the next decade.
  • In all the above-mentioned ascents he made his own gas without a hitch. Cited from The Dominion of the Air, by J. M. Bacon
  • Redpointing means to make a free ascent of the route after having first tried it.
  • See and for more information on the relative difficulty of the various ascents.
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Meaning of ascent

  • noun An upward slope or grade (as in a road)
    the car couldn't make it up the rise