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  • More than one writer has described it as resembling the song of the white-throat. Cited from A Florida Sketch-Book, by Bradford Torrey
  • The sound has been described by some music fans as resembling a concert organ.
  • They dance around a may-pole and are described as resembling forest creatures.
  • They are grey-green and generally seen as resembling something most people would like to avoid stepping in.
  • Local media reports described the area as resembling a "war zone".
  • You were chosen, doubtless, as resembling her in height, figure, and the color of your hair. Cited from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Doyle
  • Gay speech has stereotypically been thought of as resembling women's speech.
  • Lennon described the song as resembling "a black New York girl-group song".
  • The written characters of the Speech have been described in several of the books as resembling written Arabic.
  • His law firm was often referred to as resembling "a South American government in exile."
  • Indeed, some specific pre-instruction concepts were seen as resembling some early concepts in the history of science.
  • In their humanoid form they are often described as resembling their tree in clothing and facial features.
  • An e-mail message can be thought of as resembling a letter in an envelope.
  • The short story has been described as resembling less complete writing by Eudora Welty.
  • The memorial has also been affectionately described by some as resembling four giant chopsticks.
  • It struck me forcibly as resembling an island in the sea. Cited from The Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Tales,Harte
  • "He didn't strike you as resembling Weiss in any way; in voice or features?" Cited from The Mystery of 31 New Inn, by R. Austin Freeman
  • Another was described as resembling a little grey puma with large brown rosettes.
  • He had ingeniously adopted the name of Anthony, as resembling in sound the one she herself had given him in her letters. Cited from Tales for Fifteen, by Jane Morgan
  • The call has been described as resembling "the buzzer on an electric alarm clock".
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